AntiCyberTheft FAQ's


Why did my login page change?

It is our commitment to our members that access to your financial information is appropriately secure. The change you are seeing on the login page is due to enhanced measures to secure your Internet Banking site.

The following details the changes made and what you can expect.


The login process is changing in three ways:

What is the Security Code?

The security code is an extra security measure used to eliminate fraudsters from randomly selecting account numbers.

If the on-screen keypad is enabled, why can't I use the keyboard to enter my password?

The Password number must now be entered using your mouse. Click on the correct character on the on-screen keypad and you will see the password box populate with asterisks. The on-screen keypad is used to prevent possible hackers from getting passwords while using special software designed to monitor keyboard strokes.

What is the Security Image?

The Security Image is used to help you identify Internet Banking as a legitimate site. The text word you select will be converted to an image. When you log into banking you will see the Security Text Image with a watermark logo behind it.

What is the Login Nickname?

The Login Nickname is an alternative username used to gain access to your Credit Union account. The Login Nickname can be used in place of your Member Number.

What if I forget my Password or my Challenge Question answers?

If you forget your Password, call us and we will reset your password. If you forget the answers to your Challenge questions, call us and we will un-enroll you in AntiCyberTheft. You will then need to go through the enrollment process again.

Will I still have access to all the same accounts online?

Yes. This process only affects how you login, not your Internet Banking accounts.

What will happen to my billpay settings, account alerts, or any other saved settings within Internet Banking that I had set up before this change?

All pre-setup settings within your Internet Banking session will remain the same after this change.

Why all this attention to the login process?

While the chances of identity theft or monetary loss are slim, there do exist active malicious entities on the Internet that look to fraudulently gain from unsuspecting individuals. One of the most popular methods of fraud is through impersonating individuals during the login process. It is our intention to make this process as difficult as possible for these fraudsters while keeping your experience as hassle-free as possible.